Write Notes With Helipad

Helipad lets you write notes online with an accessible web interface. Search, tag, and share documents.

Helipad also features a mobile interface that works on many mobile devices.

There are also Mac and iPhone clients available.

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Helipad is a web app, so we do all the boring stuff: backup your data, maintain security, upgrade software, while you're left to do the most important thing: write.

Helipad Mac

Helipad iPhone

  • Sync notes to your iPhone
  • Search your notes
  • Create notes on your iPhone or iPod Touch then sync when you're online
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  • Stay focused with Helipad's simple, unobtrusive interface
  • Use simple formatting tools to layout text
  • Unobtrusive auto-save sets a timer to save automatically so you don't lose your work


  • Organise your documents with tags
  • Quickly find documents with a live-search on every page
  • Tags can also be colour-coded to make picking them out even easier


  • Extend Helipad by using the API
  • Discover third-party apps built with Helipad

Go mobile

  • Use Helipad on your phone
  • iPhone works great with Helipad!
  • Write in your living room with PS3, PSP and Wii

Share and print

  • The print tool lets you change fonts and font sizes
  • Documents can be shared (and restricted again) at any time
  • PDF Exports available on the preview page

Created by Helicoid